Highlights on the two new models are: All new, high-strength steel chassis optimized for rigidity over uneven, rough terrain, but also designed for excellent handling. It merely changes how fast the EFI throttle plates open. XT-R models come equipped with a WARN VRX 4500-pound winch already installed and ready to use. Stay warmer outside longer with a top-quality Yamaha Wolverine RMAX Cab Heater with Defrost for 2020-current models from Inferno Cab Heaters . . This will be perfect for rock crawlers and Moab trail riders. If your apparel doesn't fit right, you'll get FREE SHIPPING on the first exchange! Out of stock Add to Wish List. https://www.facebook.com/groups/YAMAHARMAX/ https://www.wolverineforums.com/threads/official-yamaha-wolverine-rmax-1000-public-release.31466/https://www.blac. It makes right around 110 horsepower at the crank, which is ample power to pull all 1,885 pounds of RMAX . Compared to the Wolverine X4, our 2021 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX4 Limited Edition has got a radical upgrade in power and suspension, so we are far more than satisfied. // ]]>. We are going to be doing a lot more testing and will be putting together more articles and some videos on the RMAX. TERRAIN-FOCUSED TIRES: The Wolverine RMAX2 1000 R-Spec comes with 30-inch GBC Dirt Commander 2.0 tires and 14-inch aluminum wheels in a square setup, allowing the ability to carry a single spare. Yamaha rmax heater. Horsepower: 108. Timing mode lets you set a course and keep lap information. STEP 1: PRE-INSTALLATION Remove the hood cover. $599.95. Customer Service . All rights reserved. Just pop those out and the screws can be removed. Compared to the Wolverine X4, our 2021 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX4 Limited Edition has got a radical upgrade in power and suspension, so we are far more than satisfied. What we have discovered from the moment we got into an RMAX is that this is not just another Yamaha, but a different Yamaha side-by-side in so many great ways. As weve come to expect, power is delivered through Yamahas Ultramatic transmission, which is designed to maintain constant belt-tension and features a 10-year belt warranty. Shop Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Storage from Side By Side Stuff, your source for popular, high quality UTV parts and equipment. XT-R and LE models benefit from cut-and-sew seats, rearview center-mount mirror, color-matched interior, blue LED interior floor and center console lighting, and blue LED-backlit On-Command, Headlight, Winch, D-Mode, and iQS switches. The air filter is a washable and reusable foam element. $454.46. Our LE has the Yamaha Adventure Pro GPS, speakers and a built-in stereo. All switch settings are indicated at the switch and on the meter. The scoop on the hood gives an indication of the power the RMAX4 1000 brings to the trail. The Yamaha CVT system also delivers all-wheel engine braking, but there is a major difference in power delivery options. Go right through the bracket and line it up with a threaded hole. Free, easy-to-get money that youcan spend on future orders. $159.95. Two-seat RMAX models have a square setup with all four tires the same size. It works well in the woods, great in the rocks and perfect on any forest road. All in-cab switches are backlit, and there is a blue LED floor lighting. After teasing us for the past couple . The RMAX doesnt get on top and skip across. Theres a timing feature as well that is super fun to play with. Switching between shock settings can quickly be done without tools. Yamaha wanted the most power in the Sport/Rec class. These shocks are on all four corners and all can be adjusted with a easy turn of the dial. You must have JavaScript enabled for this page to function properly. Change or remove machine. Try Again. Check out Yamahas new Wolverine RMAX2 1000 and RMAX4 1000 UTVs. This catalog has the suite . We have since seen several walk-around videos and read initial reviews from multiple friends and sources we trust in the industry that have 99-percent positive things to say. Some use the Maxxis Carnage, some the Maxxis Carnivore and others a Yamaha-developed GBC Dirt Commander. RMAX4 1000 EPS. Tires are a little confusing with the RMAX line. Tusk Center Hole UTV Clamp $8.99 $11.99 You save 25% . The FOX 2.0 QS3 shocks have preloads, but more importantly, they have piggy-back reservoirs with a simple 3-setting dampening dial. Customer Service . - All Mounting hardware (this seat includes 2 mounting brackets ) We discuss the unique features and benef.. "/> 1 - 30 of 69 results. Yamaha uses A-arm suspension in the rear, but it works well. RMAX4 models get 29-inch tires on 14 wheels, and they come with Dirt Commander or Maxxis Carnage tires. Both the RMAX2 and RMAX 4 are available in standard, XT-R and Limited Edition trims and every model boasts a new chassis, engine, new Yamaha Drive mode power delivery system, and FOX iQS suspension technology. That makes a big difference for taller drivers or those with limited ankle movement. $79.95. RMAX2 1000 XT-R and LE will rely on Maxxis Carnivore tires, while RMAX4 1000 XT-R and LE models benefit from Yamaha-exclusive Maxxis Carnage meats. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Equestrian Riding Jeans, The first time may require a little force but it will come out. In addition to more travel, the RMAX4 Luxury Edition (LE) is suspended with Fox iQS piggyback shocks. Yes, we did say plush and Yamaha interior in the same sentence! Yamaha strengthened the chassis significantly in front and behind the cab area. Both the wheelbase and tire size have been stretched 3 inches as well. One feature found only on Limited Edition models is a speed limiting key. RMAX2 pedals are angled down with a longer throttle face than the X2. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: ANTIGRAVITY BATTERIES ADV MICRO-START TIRE INFLATOR. Yamaha RMAX 1000 4-Seat Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors. Four (4) dedicated outlet ports to maximize airflow to the defrost vents and UTV cabin. Put the seats back again. This is a new level for a Yamaha side-by-side. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. We began playing with the D-Mode drive setting immediately. A steel front bumper protects the front end, and body lines flow from front to back nicely, with tight bodywork seams. Registered. 2022 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 R-Spec. All Rights Reserved. RMAX2 models can haul an additional 600 pounds in the tilting cargo bed, as can the RMAX4 but the bed is non-tilting. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Every RMAX features a cradle to hold a Magellan/Yamaha Adventure Pro GPS unit that also doubles as a better display for almost every function of the machine. out! When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. bed, 2000 lbs. Thank you for your support!Brian Fisher Change or remove machine. Free overnight shipping to anyone in Utah. Since this car weighs close to 1900 pounds, Yamaha had to increase the braking force from the older X2. The cab-entry opening is wider than the X4, and the shoulder bolster is smaller so it doesnt obstruct the opening. The Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 10000 offers up a class-leading 14.2 inches of front suspension travel and 16.9 inches out back, while the RMAX4 1000 doles out 14.2 inches of front travel and 13.3 in the rear. After removing these two screws the next step is to remove the E-brake cover. The feel of the Wolverine RMAX4 1000 is really really nice. Wet Weight 2-Seat Base: 1,845.3 lbs. With the Ultramatic, the CVT belt is always engaged. Other notable features on the new Wolverine RMAX models include fully welded steel skid plates, replaceable front plastic skid plate, welded-on rear wheel protectors, LED headlights with 7.6-watt mono-focus low beams and 15.2-watt reflector-type high beams, and integrated LED taillights. We have not tried anything necessarily sporty or any high speed cornering yet, but we have confidence that will show the RMAX4 to stay flat. This kind of attention to detail makes the interior of the RMAX quite possibly the best interior on a side-by-side for passenger comfort. I've finally got all my electrical accessories and looking for info on how to remove middle of dash and center console for wiring. DragonFire Racing Specter LED Rear View Mirror for 1.75"-2.00" Roll Bar. 3. However, in the cockpit, you cant hear it over the engine noise. They should! We are fans of the D-Mode system. We've done a lot of rock crawling in UTVs, and the RMAX was extremely impressive with how capable it was out there. If your RMAX came equipped with a windshield, remove it. NEW RELEASES: MORE POLARIS MODELS FOR 2023! The RMAX can be cruised, but in the rough stuff it likes to be driven hard and is built to take it. All Rights Reserved. $143.96. Just look at the center console with automotive-type controls, storage, and tons of expansion knockouts that can be removed by hand to add switches to control accessories. Despite that, the RMAX4 handled the chop well, and offered comfort crossing loose or solid rock. Helping to control the Wolverine are FOX 2.0 QS3 shocks mounted to wide-arm A-arms. It easily delivers with sport 1000-horsepower numbers, but with drivability that excels on serious trails. www.yamahamotorsports.com/recreation-side-by-side, Engine 999cc in-line twin, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, 108 hp. All RMAX models come with sway bars to limit body roll, and even the base model RMAX2 gets one of our favorite shocks, the supremely easy to adjust FOX 2.0 QS3. . $504.95. Crawl mode does allow for finite throttle control, and sport mode unleashes the beast at the slightest change in throttle input. For woods riding, it corners excellent, and traction pulls you where you point the steering wheel. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. UTV Driver may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. Along with its class-leading suspension, 30-inch tires, and an optimized wheel base provide a balanced contact-to-ground feel in extreme terrain. The Maxxis Carnivore tires seem to offer great braking traction as well. New Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Sport Joins Yamaha's Proven Off-Road Lineup Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, announces the majority of their Proven Off-Road ATV and . The engine has been bumped up 150cc. It adjusts in small increments with no pin to pull to make those changes. New 999cc engine with multiple drive modes, Trail, Sport, or Crawl. If you want more information on the All new 2021 Yamaha Rmax 1000 SXS For sale, Infomation, Specs, Top Speed follow our Facebook page for future coverage! Tusk Center Hole UTV Clamp $8.99 $11.99 You save 25% . Yamaha RMAX facts: Since being introduced in 1997, Yamaha RMAX helicopters have flown more than 2 million hours. The Ultramatic is easy on belt life, so Yamaha offers a 10-year belt warranty! Each mode definitely has a purpose, and we were happy to have them in every situation. Its more than enough to get the job done, and top speed should be 65 mph or more. Change or remove machine. This site is dedicated to selling OEM Yamaha ATV parts, motorcycle parts, UTV parts, WaveRunner parts and snowmobile parts. Crossover models like the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 and RMAX4 1000 are all about versatility. At the time, it was fun, fast and ultra capable in gnarly terrain. What is exciting for us is that the RMAX does so many of these things well which means it could win an award for being the best adventure vehicle on the market since it will excel in any terrain. Starting at: $27,699 * Destination Charge: $875 Rubber seal and heavy-duty latches keep out water, mud, and more. Although we like the blue color over all the rest, wed rather save the $1300 and stay with the green XT-R model we are testing, and we will adjust the shocks manually. Single-Stage Snow Blowers Shop All. LSK Suspension Cage Kit. Yamaha went with their Ultramatic CVT transmission which also comes with an unprecedented 10-Year belt warranty. It is easy to see and feel when it is in gear. Driver and passenger(s) will sit down on new seats and strap in with six-position seatbelts. Moose Racing Builds an Outrageous Polaris RZR XP 1000. It has a top speed of 75 mph, which is perfect for the chassis it's in. These all-new Wolverine models are proudly assembled in the U.S. to deliver next-level comfort, versatility, and Yamahas legendary durability and reliability. Package includes: - One Rear Bench seat made of all black vinyl. See stock sizes for this machine. Fast-forward 17 years and owners want that capability and reliability in a bigger machine. Everyone talks about how much more stable and better riding the XP's are and now the RMax is. Without a properly working suspension youll never be able to use all available engine power. An Octane Media, LLC Publication. We have so much content planned for this side-by-side, and we have already begun working. It will do utility also. The smooth and effective X4 847cc engine we liked so much has been punched out to 999cc. There are no user reviews for this listing. Off-road interiors can often end up looking more like a race car. Now, we have sat in the back for a while and will be the first to admit the overall foot space is small, and getting in and out of the back seats requires a little bit a ninja training. Perhaps it is a good thing that Yamaha boosted the power and displacement? When going over rough terrain this mode allows a little "play" in the throttle so that the RMAX doesn't lurch forward when your foot bounces on the throttle. Its actually the power delivery that gets changed. Rear speakers are pre-wired, but they are accessories. The power, suspension, interior, exterior, and even the person-carrying ability are on point. towing, thanks to a 2" receiver hitch. There is an automotive feel to the vehicle as a whole, but the interior is particularly automotive in the way it feels. Each of the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 models come equipped with 30-inch tires with a square set up (same size tires front and rear). 2023 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Visibility forward is great for technical driving. The entire steering column moves up and down including the instrument cluster. Publisher - The Leading ATV Magazine Worldwide. stegodon recovery tracks Built with hydraulic assistance and a robust latch system, the bed transports up to 600 pounds with multiple steel tie-down points to secure cargo or attach accessories. Prices are subject to change without notice. We even got to try the winch when we found another brand on its side in a giant crack in the rocks. BLAST FROM THE PAST: 2008 450CC SPORT QUAD SHOOTOUT! RMAX2 1000 EPS SE. Spare Tire Carrier by Factory UTV - Yamaha Wolverine X2 | X4. No need to sweat the price tagwe guarantee the best prices anywhere, even if we have to special order your 2021 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX4 1000 tires! It is locked in there so just anyone can't come take it. $0.00 0 Item(s) Account . 2-Seat LE: 1,884.9 lbs. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Is the Wolverine RMAX it? Yamaha makes bold claims about the Yamaha Ultramatic CV transmission, and we have to say they are not exaggerating. Front travel lands at 14.2-inches. The difference in the three modes are significant, and they make a huge difference in drivability while maneuvering technical sections. Should add that you have to move the shifter forward and the parking brake up a little to wiggle the cover off. HIDE STOCK SIZES. Every RMAX2 comes with 30-inch tires on 14 wheels, and OEM tires are either Dirt Commanders or Maxxis Carnivores. For a decade Yamaha has been trying to improve on the success of the Rhino. We had a blast and may or may not have damaged the first RMAX 4 LE off the line. That makes a big difference in technical driving. We value a GPS, winch, and good skid plates over paint and music, but that may not be you. Amp draw at full fan speed: 3.3 AMP. Wolverine rmax 4, front only (*Must take center console lid off*) Product created with extreme care and precision. Features: 18,000 BTU heater . Both are designed to do exactly that and more. The standard model comes with GBC's new Dirt Commander 2.0 radial tires with Maxxis Carnivores used on the XT-R and LE models. We like the middle setting most of the time anyway. Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000 Folding Hard Coated Windshield. It very easy to remove the "NAA". 1. 2023 | Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. hauling, and 2000 lbs. First, you can use them when getting yourself or others unstuck. Its a simple way to control top speed for less experienced drivers. $219.95. That rear travel is actually reduced for the RMAX4. For years some manufacturers have placed hook points on the front of its vehicles while others haven't. YAMAHA . New styling inside and out, with automotive inspired features and build quality. With over 16 inches of wheel travel, refined damping settings and iQS for instant in-cab adjustment, it works. $159.95. For most segments of the country, it might. You will notice that there are these very nice tie-down/pull points built into the front end. Yamaha Wolverine RMAX4 1000 First Impressions. Impressive hauling and towing capability, with 600 lbs. Nov 5, 2013. The On-Command system also provides a differential lock that we found handy for extreme obstacles. You'll also need to remove the hood by twisting the two cam lock fasteners at the back and pulling up. Rigg Gear UTV Hydration | Storage Bag. For loading it on and off the trailer and for the rocks, Crawl mode was spot-on. Fits your 2022 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2. Product Details. Step 4 - Remove center console. We tried 2WD, but typically drive in 4WD. How To Close Leatherman Bond, The all-new Wolverine RMAX2 1000 and RMAX4 1000 models are stout, powerful, and the most off-road capable recreational Side-by-Sides on the market today, said Steve Nessl, Yamaha motorsports group marketing manager. If you want a pickup bed and more than 14 inches of suspension travel, the Yamaha Wolverine is the $21,000 answer. We spent a full day in varied terrain at Sand Hollow Utah, getting to know the in's and out's of the all new RMAX 1000. New Beadlock Wheels All Center Console Boats Models Build & price Fish and Play From fishing to wakesurfing, you'll find it all in our Center Console Series. bed, 2000 lbs. The 108-horsepower twin pushes the RMAX down the trail at an exciting pace. This puts suspension damping control right in the cockpit, so the driver can make adjustments without ever unbuckling their seatbelt. Pelican 1740 Case With Foam, Add in a full 2,000 pounds of towing capacity through a standard 2-inch receiver, and the Wolverine RMAX2 1000 is ready to get to work when you are. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Remove the entire driver seat (12mm), the passenger seat pad and the main center console (PIC01). Includes all necessary components: heater hose, hose splicers, hose clamps, mounting brackets, defrost and floor louvers, duct work & wiring. UTV FIRST TEST: 2021 YAMAHA WOLVERINE RMAX4 LIMITED EDITION, Dirt Wheels Tread logo Mens premium heavyweight tee, Dirt Wheels Hot Wheels logo Mens premium heavyweight tee. In this video, we show you how to access and test the connectors so you can hook up your \"key Hot\" accessories.Link to our Amazon store where you'll find one of our BUSBAR recommendations:https://www.amazon.com/shop/fishersatvworld?ref=cm_sw_em_r_inf_own_fishersatvworld_dp_4LLtW3Z3vdPbE#fishersoffroad | #adventure | #offroad | #utv | #sxs | #atv | #protip | #shoptalk | #QandABecome a Member of our Fishers Off-Road Family on YOUTUBE:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2kdho_ZtBTwDKSgfbrczlA/join Fisher's Off-Road YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/fisheratvFisher's Off-Road Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FishersOffRoad/Fisher's Off-Road Website: https://www.fishersoffroad.com/Fisher's Off-Road AMAZON store front:https://www.amazon.com/shop/fishersatvworld?ref=inf_own_fishersatvworldFisher's Off-Road Email Contact Info: https://www.fishersoffroad.com/contact/contact-us Fisher's Off-Road Rentals Website: https://www.fishersoffroadrentals.com/Fisher's Off-Road Podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/460357Fisher's Off-Road Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fishers_off_road/Fisher's Off-Road LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-fisher-5a45188/Fisher's Off-Road Official Merch Page: https://senditoffroad.com/collections/fishers-atv-world Due to the climate of the word we live in today and the lack of respect from people on YouTube with a made up name, no subs or videos, we will be holding all comments for review on our videos so that we can focus on creating professional informative content and not waste our time dealing with comments from people with shallow attacks on others commenting and bad or wrong information. 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